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Why Cash Based PT?

After practicing in the outpatient setting for the past 16 year, I became fed up with insurance companies deciding how I get to treat my patients. An HMO shouldn't get to decide how many visits my patients need. Massachusetts reimbursement rates are some of the lowest in the country, forcing clinics to see 3-4 patients every block just to keep the lights on. Everyone's financial situation is unique. With rising co-payments and daunting deductibles, value based care is more important than ever. 

Image by Uday Mittal

I started Cape Concierge Physical Therapy because I want to use my education, training and clinical expertise to evaluate patients and determine the best course of treatment. The COVID-19 epidemic has forced me to re-evaluate how I can most effectively help patients. Time is of the essence, it takes far too long to see most medical providers because there are simply not enough of us. Cape Concierge PT can streamline your road to recovery because I value your time as much as your health. 

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