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Dry Needling

About Dry Needling

Dry needling is safe and effective technique for patients with certain musculoskeletal problems. Dry needling is a treatment performed by skilled, trained physical therapists, certified in the procedure. A thin monofilament needle (exactly the same as Acupuncture needles) penetrates the skin and treats underlying muscular trigger points for the management of neuro-muscular pain and movement impairments.


It’s important to note dry needling is not the same as acupuncture. It uses similar tools, but that’s where the similarities end. Acupuncture is based on Eastern medicine, while dry needling is rooted in Western medicine and evaluation of pain patterns, posture, movement impairments, function and orthopedic tests.

Dry needling treats muscle tissue, and its goal is to reduce pain, inactivate trigger points and restore function. It is typically part of a broader physical therapy approach incorporating other interventions into treatment.

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Benefits of Dry Needling

Cape Concierge Physical Therapy uses dry needling to treat clients with trigger points every day. A trigger point is a local contracture or taught band in a muscle fiber that can disrupt function, restrict range of motion, refer pain or cause local tenderness. When dry needling is applied to a dysfunctional muscle or trigger point, it can decrease tightness, increase blood flow, and reduce local and referred pain. Upon evaluation, we will determine if this is the right treatment for you. Currently, we treat patients with dry needling for acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders including: Migraines, TMJ, Whiplash, Sciatica, Piriformis Syndrome, Adhesive Capsulitis, Tennis Elbow, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Patella-femoral syndrome, Chronic Back and Neck Pain. Scar Needling is very effective to reduce long standing stiffness and pain from surgeries or injuries.

$180 per session

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